Proudly Serving Southwest Michigan Since 1994

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Proudly Serving Southwest Michigan Since 1994

Our Services

We have a versatile selection of services to help residential and commercial customers with any of their outdoor needs.

Tree Trimming

If your property has trees obstructing powerlines, are overgrown or simply need maintenance, we at JC & Sons can help.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can often be the only option due to damage from high winds, storms, lightning, and ice. JC & Sons will examine your property then determine the best treatment and options for the landscape and the homeowner.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can prove difficult when maintaining your lawn and can also be an eyesore. Let JC & Sons handle the removal of your stumps professionally. 

Right-of-Way (ROW) Clearing

Our expertise includes clearing of roadways and city properties to keep the public safe and manage the beauty of our roadways.

Crane Services

JC & Sons has all the equipment needed to provide tree removal services safely and effectively. Trusses can be set by our highly efficient, trained team to meet your construction needs for both commercial and residential.

Forestry Mowing

Forestry mowing also known as “mulching” is an effective process safe for the environment, returns nutrients to the soil, reduces soil erosion, and increases your land value by enhancing your property’s visual appeal.

Snow Plowing

JC & Sons offer service for residential or commercial properties in Southwest Michigan. We can assist with all your property’s winter management needs.

Storm Damage Services

JC & Sons offers 24-hour emergency service to handle trees and/or brush disasters that occur after storms. We will assess your situation and provide prompt service to get your home and property back to normal as quickly as possible.

Land Clearing

When it comes to professionally clearing a lot, there are certain steps required to do the job properly. We can clear land to increase your farming capacity, new home or home and business build, and for hunting. JC & Sons has all the equipment and knowledge to ensure the job is done correctly and quickly.

Tub Grinding

Tub grinding refers to the shape of the opening of a large grinder. Typically the main use for this type of equipment is to reduce the size of a debris pile. Here at JC & Sons, we use our tub grinder to grind trees, wood waste, and vegetative debris into mulch.

Loader Service

The loader services we offer have the capacity to relocate and remove trees, logs and/or other large capacity debris required on your property.